Our Properties: 

Parenting Publications

Davler Media's parenting publications have placed Davler as the largest publisher of regional parenting publications in the United States. Our parenting group focuses on the subjects that concern New York metropolitan-area parents most. Parents turn to us specifically to receive information from our advertisers, acting directly and immediately upon the guidance and services they provide. We also proudly work with a variety of events and grass-roots organizations that serve New York parents, from community parenting groups like Park Slope Parents, to websites like WorkItMom, or through sponsorship of events like the Young Child Expo.

NY Metro Parents
New York Metro Parents, both print and online, offers local news and insights on education, health care, family finances, community events, and detailed resource guides and indexes. Parents look to NYMetroParents for guidance when planning weekend activities or making a host of family-related purchasing decisions. It offers a highly effective and efficient mechanism for advertisers seeking to present their products and services directly to New York-area parents.
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book
Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Book is an ideal resource for parents to use throughout the planning process when coordinating an unforgettable event around one of their children's most meaningful rites of passage.