City Guide, NYC’s leading in market tourism media company, is introducing City Map to further help the 67 million tourists arriving in New York City navigate their visit.  We polled concierges and other hospitality professionals and they affirmed that the consumers still request and use maps to efficiently plan their trips.

“Maps are really important to us.  They are a great way to orient the guest to where the hotel is located within the city, and give a broad overview of neighborhoods and how they relate to each other, and where they are relative to the hotel.  We can also mark them up quickly with the particular shops, attractions or museums we might have just spoken about with that guest. So I would say paper maps remain VITALLY important to the kind of bespoke, custom, personalized one-on-one service provided by a hotel concierge.”

Bill Hawkins
Concierge, Mandarin Oriental
President of New York City Association of Hotel Concierges

For you, this is a unique opportunity to promote your destination when tourists are making final decisions.

For over 30 years, maps have been one of the most popular features in City Guide to help visitors plan their itinerary. Since one of NYC’s leading map publisher recently closed its office, we are filling the map void and applying all of our tourism expertise and relationships to publish a superior map.

City Maps will be

distributed quarterly (March, June, September and December/Holiday)
placed at over 1,000 locations, the 400+ hotels and tourists destinations that presently hand City Guide to the city’s guests plus 700 locations including all the airports, suburban hotels attractions, transportation hubs and other locations frequented by people coming to New York
professionally designed 17”x22” map folded to a handy 4” x 8 ½” size is easy to carry and read
• includes a theater map and highlights popular tourist attractions.

There are limited positioning opportunities on City Map. This mini-billboard travels with visitors throughout their stay. If you want to learn about premium and basic map positions contact us today.

David L. Miller Publisher [email protected] (646) 736-3618
Eli Marcus, Executive Director [email protected] (646) 736-3613
Vincent Timpone Executive Director [email protected] (646) 736-3631
Lauren Meirowitz, Managing Director [email protected] (646) 736-3609
Janet Barbash, Managing Director [email protected] (646) 736-3622


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