Staten Island University Hospital’s First Incredible Kids Award Winner Announced by Staten Island Parent

The first recipient of Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards was announced this week by Staten Island Parent, Staten Island’s primary parenting publication and awards host.

Nine-year-old Caylee Pecorato, of Bulls Head, has been named September’s Incredible Kid of the Month. She was selected via voting process on the Staten Island Parent website,

Caylee was nominated by her aunt Susan Pugliese, who said in her nomination form:

“Caylee tries to do a lot of socialization with (her cousin) Michelle as well as try to teach her new things. Michelle has autism and they are happy together. Michelle listens to Caylee. She has a heart of gold to want to try to see the best in her cousin.”

According to Mrs. Pugliese, Caylee and 19-year-old Michelle, of Great Kills, have a beautiful relationship and Caylee always goes above and beyond to make Michelle happy.

“Caylee likes to play with Michelle,” Mrs. Pugliese told Staten Island Parent. “She comes over just to play with her or do arts and crafts. During the holidays we bake with the kids together. Sometimes Michelle isn’t in the mood but Caylee will always get her to interact. Caylee thinks of ways to get Michelle to have fun.

“Caylee is actually my great niece. Her mom, Jamie, works with Michelle as a community habilitation worker and Caylee comes with her mom just so she can interact with Michelle.”

An unexpected birthday surprise, Caylee learned she was being honored as the first Incredible Kid of the Month the same day she turned nine years old.

Caylee will be featured in the upcoming November issue of Staten Island Parent. She also will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Staten Island University Hospital.

A new child will be honored in Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards each month until June 2021. To nominate a child, go to and upload a photo, then explain in detail why he or she deserves to be nominated.

Nominations for October’s Incredible Kids Awards are now open and voting begins October 16. Previous nominees may reenter for any upcoming month. Each selected honoree will be featured in an issue of Staten Island Parent and receive a $150 Amazon gift card.

Staten Island University Hospital is sponsoring the Incredible Kids Awards. Each month, a different Pediatric Specialist is featured on the online nomination form.

September’s Featured Pediatric Specialists were Dr. Michele Chun Dehnert and Dr. Saidi Clemente. October’s Featured Pediatric Specialist is Dr. Shahed Ahmed Quraishi.

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