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Digital Marketing is tricky, many variables contribute to a campaigns success and Davler brings unique expertise to generate superior results. If your campaign is targeted tourists or locals through display, digital idea, video or streaming we bring our knowledge of the market to get your message to both tourists and locals when they are most inclined to be responsive to you. Our approach is intensive optimization and analysis by an experienced staff who finds ways to deliver every advantage to you.



During Travel Planning
Target travel intenders searching and researching for their next trip.

After Confirming Their Trip
Once a traveler has booked their flight and/or hotel we can serve them your ads as they plan out things to do while traveling in your city.

When the traveler arrives in market can influence them to book an attraction during their trip.


Geo Targeting
We can target the top feeder markets for people who travel to a specific city combined with our real time travel intent signals and 350 Traveler Profiles.

We can target domestic and/or international markets. No need to assign specific budget to one or the other, our platform will optimize budget to the best performing markets based on performance and real time data.


Metro New Yorkers are looking for activities, experiences and things to do. Our unique capabilities to identify residents based on their past behaviors, interests, demographics, psychographics and geographic location produces campaigns that offer you a competitive advantage.

With unmatched New York City visibility and market insight built up over decades of experience, Davler Media is THE city’s most effective data-driven travel company.

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