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New York, April 12, 2021

Davler Media, New York’s largest parenting media company, today announced the launch of the Family Fun Book — an all-in-one multi-platform digital guide that will feature a comprehensive round-up of New York’s best local attractions, drivable vacations must-see events, and more. Reaching over 1,000,000 New York parents, this seasonal editorial will be published 4x per year and will offer an insider’s perspective about all things family entertainment in the greater New York metro area and beyond.

“Perhaps now more than ever, families across the country are in need of some much-deserved fun, and Davler Media is here to help! Merging our insider access to New York entertainment with our unmatched expertise on all things parenting, our editors will create a highly anticipated and easily accessible digital guide that will encourage and empower New York parents to get out and have some fun! The Family Fun Book will provide our readers with in-the-know information that will take the guesswork out of the planning, ultimately letting families concentrate on making fun memories together.” said David Miller, CEO of Davler Media 

The Family Fun Book will include several highly customized advertising options that will provide businesses and brands with highly targeted and highly engaging cross channel media opportunities designed to reach consumers at their researching, planning, and purchasing points.

For more than three decades, Davler Media has helped New York parents make better decisions as they navigate the ever-changing local parenting scene. The Family Fun Book joins Davler Media’s arsenal of notable New York Metro media brands, including NYMetroParents, Staten Island Parent, Mommybites, City Guide, Thought Gallery, and Mitzvah Market. 

About Davler Media 

Davler Media Group (DMG) is New York’s trusted integrated marketing group, inspiring metro area residents and visitors to experience the activities, products, and services that will best enrich their lives. For over ten years, we have been creating and delivering targeted, award-winning content in four distinct markets: tourism/entertainment, parenting, interior design, and party planning. We’re New York’s local go-to guide for all Broadway shows, food, events, attractions, art, culture, design, event planning, shopping, and nightlife.

DMG connects consumers to brands and local businesses with top-quality, curated content delivered through traditional, digital, and experimental mediums. As an established leader in the New York market, we provide businesses with multiple cross-functional platforms to reach visitors and locals throughout their buying cycles.

Our integrated marketing approach provides small businesses affordable pricing on creative services, editorial, networking events, education programs, marketing, consulting, digital coaching, and event management. As a result, Davler Media Group has gained thousands of loyal, long-term clients who make up the foundation of our company.

To learn more about Davler Media, visit https://www.davlermedia.com.

Media/Advertising Contact:

David Miller

Phone: 914-393-9231

Email: [email protected]

Reflections on Closing Our Office

One year ago today, like many business owners, I made the decision to convert to a fully remote company and closed the office.  All-day that Friday, I was profoundly sad.  I knew in my heart my business life as I have known it would never be the same — and I loved my professional lifestyle.  My MBWA (management by walking around) style doesn’t play on Zoom.  The celebrations, consolations and coaching sessions with my 35 people, many of whom I shared every workday for 10+ years, won’t be the same.  We will still be friends, colleagues, squabblers, and dreamers.  There won’t be the high fives, warm exchanges, occasional PC hugs, and knowing looks.  I grieve for those staff people; most were also long-time co-workers, for whom that was their last day with the Company for no fault of their own.  When I locked the door that Friday the 13th night and looked back, all I could think about was the end of Fiddler on the Roof and leaving Anitevka.  I didn’t want the walk to Grand Central to end.

During this year, the challenges of leading people I truly care about have been harder than anything I have ever had to do during any recession or downturn.  We have learned to meet through Zoom and Teams, chat with video and, when possible, try to be somewhat spontaneous (hey, you free?).  As if that could replace plopping down in someone’s office.  Our team meetings have included magicians and games, but gifts are mailed to homes rather than handed out and we welcome new staff people by waving through our cameras.  The parents supervising home learning, the sandwich generationers worrying about both parents and children, and young singles living in small spaces are stressed and somewhat depressed.  How do I support a team of hunters and gathers who make their living and get their adrenaline pumping by closing sales when they don’t have any customers to call on?  The financial pressures on individuals and families are real because we have each had to sacrifice for the sake of the whole.  We discuss one another’s mental and emotional health far more and commiserate that we are all feeling blue.  On nice days, we encourage each other to get outside, walk, socialize if possible and achieve some level of pandemic positivity.  This new normal sucks.

As a team, we work to reinvent, adapt and soldier forward in Darwinian spirit.  These unchartered waters make navigation extremely difficult.  Our approach is to stay close to our customers so that we will be there with the right products and services to help them rebuild their businesses when they are ready.  Worry overhangs us because we don’t know when the markets will come back and if we have the right solutions.  The determination to survive and one day thrive sustains us.

As an eternal optimist, I believe we will find a new stasis that offers successes, happiness and collegiality.  The worst of the pandemic is behind us and there will be green sprouts.  Maybe one day we will open a new office and many of us will reunite in person.  We are survivors and apply all our abilities to reestablish ourselves.  If Tevye can go from Russia to Chicago and start a new life, we can rebuild too.  Here’s to the next year.

David L Miller

March 12, 2021

Staten Island University Hospital’s First Incredible Kids Award Winner Announced by Staten Island Parent

The first recipient of Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards was announced this week by Staten Island Parent, Staten Island’s primary parenting publication and awards host.

Nine-year-old Caylee Pecorato, of Bulls Head, has been named September’s Incredible Kid of the Month. She was selected via voting process on the Staten Island Parent website, siparent.com.

Caylee was nominated by her aunt Susan Pugliese, who said in her nomination form:

“Caylee tries to do a lot of socialization with (her cousin) Michelle as well as try to teach her new things. Michelle has autism and they are happy together. Michelle listens to Caylee. She has a heart of gold to want to try to see the best in her cousin.”

According to Mrs. Pugliese, Caylee and 19-year-old Michelle, of Great Kills, have a beautiful relationship and Caylee always goes above and beyond to make Michelle happy.

“Caylee likes to play with Michelle,” Mrs. Pugliese told Staten Island Parent. “She comes over just to play with her or do arts and crafts. During the holidays we bake with the kids together. Sometimes Michelle isn’t in the mood but Caylee will always get her to interact. Caylee thinks of ways to get Michelle to have fun.

“Caylee is actually my great niece. Her mom, Jamie, works with Michelle as a community habilitation worker and Caylee comes with her mom just so she can interact with Michelle.”

An unexpected birthday surprise, Caylee learned she was being honored as the first Incredible Kid of the Month the same day she turned nine years old.

Caylee will be featured in the upcoming November issue of Staten Island Parent. She also will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Staten Island University Hospital.

A new child will be honored in Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards each month until June 2021. To nominate a child, go to siparent.com/incredible-kids and upload a photo, then explain in detail why he or she deserves to be nominated.

Nominations for October’s Incredible Kids Awards are now open and voting begins October 16. Previous nominees may reenter for any upcoming month. Each selected honoree will be featured in an issue of Staten Island Parent and receive a $150 Amazon gift card.

Staten Island University Hospital is sponsoring the Incredible Kids Awards. Each month, a different Pediatric Specialist is featured on the online nomination form.

September’s Featured Pediatric Specialists were Dr. Michele Chun Dehnert and Dr. Saidi Clemente. October’s Featured Pediatric Specialist is Dr. Shahed Ahmed Quraishi.

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