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Staten Island University Hospital’s First Incredible Kids Award Winner Announced by Staten Island Parent

The first recipient of Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards was announced this week by Staten Island Parent, Staten Island’s primary parenting publication and awards host.

Nine-year-old Caylee Pecorato, of Bulls Head, has been named September’s Incredible Kid of the Month. She was selected via voting process on the Staten Island Parent website, siparent.com.

Caylee was nominated by her aunt Susan Pugliese, who said in her nomination form:

“Caylee tries to do a lot of socialization with (her cousin) Michelle as well as try to teach her new things. Michelle has autism and they are happy together. Michelle listens to Caylee. She has a heart of gold to want to try to see the best in her cousin.”

According to Mrs. Pugliese, Caylee and 19-year-old Michelle, of Great Kills, have a beautiful relationship and Caylee always goes above and beyond to make Michelle happy.

“Caylee likes to play with Michelle,” Mrs. Pugliese told Staten Island Parent. “She comes over just to play with her or do arts and crafts. During the holidays we bake with the kids together. Sometimes Michelle isn’t in the mood but Caylee will always get her to interact. Caylee thinks of ways to get Michelle to have fun.

“Caylee is actually my great niece. Her mom, Jamie, works with Michelle as a community habilitation worker and Caylee comes with her mom just so she can interact with Michelle.”

An unexpected birthday surprise, Caylee learned she was being honored as the first Incredible Kid of the Month the same day she turned nine years old.

Caylee will be featured in the upcoming November issue of Staten Island Parent. She also will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Staten Island University Hospital.

A new child will be honored in Staten Island University Hospital’s Incredible Kids Awards each month until June 2021. To nominate a child, go to siparent.com/incredible-kids and upload a photo, then explain in detail why he or she deserves to be nominated.

Nominations for October’s Incredible Kids Awards are now open and voting begins October 16. Previous nominees may reenter for any upcoming month. Each selected honoree will be featured in an issue of Staten Island Parent and receive a $150 Amazon gift card.

Staten Island University Hospital is sponsoring the Incredible Kids Awards. Each month, a different Pediatric Specialist is featured on the online nomination form.

September’s Featured Pediatric Specialists were Dr. Michele Chun Dehnert and Dr. Saidi Clemente. October’s Featured Pediatric Specialist is Dr. Shahed Ahmed Quraishi.


City Guide, NYC’s leading in market tourism media company, is introducing City Map to further help the 67 million tourists arriving in New York City navigate their visit.  We polled concierges and other hospitality professionals and they affirmed that the consumers still request and use maps to efficiently plan their trips.

“Maps are really important to us.  They are a great way to orient the guest to where the hotel is located within the city, and give a broad overview of neighborhoods and how they relate to each other, and where they are relative to the hotel.  We can also mark them up quickly with the particular shops, attractions or museums we might have just spoken about with that guest. So I would say paper maps remain VITALLY important to the kind of bespoke, custom, personalized one-on-one service provided by a hotel concierge.”

Bill Hawkins
Concierge, Mandarin Oriental
President of New York City Association of Hotel Concierges

For you, this is a unique opportunity to promote your destination when tourists are making final decisions.

For over 30 years, maps have been one of the most popular features in City Guide to help visitors plan their itinerary. Since one of NYC’s leading map publisher recently closed its office, we are filling the map void and applying all of our tourism expertise and relationships to publish a superior map.

City Maps will be

distributed quarterly (March, June, September and December/Holiday)
placed at over 1,000 locations, the 400+ hotels and tourists destinations that presently hand City Guide to the city’s guests plus 700 locations including all the airports, suburban hotels attractions, transportation hubs and other locations frequented by people coming to New York
professionally designed 17”x22” map folded to a handy 4” x 8 ½” size is easy to carry and read
• includes a theater map and highlights popular tourist attractions.

There are limited positioning opportunities on City Map. This mini-billboard travels with visitors throughout their stay. If you want to learn about premium and basic map positions contact us today.

David L. Miller Publisher [email protected] (646) 736-3618
Eli Marcus, Executive Director [email protected] (646) 736-3613
Vincent Timpone Executive Director [email protected] (646) 736-3631
Lauren Meirowitz, Managing Director [email protected] (646) 736-3609
Janet Barbash, Managing Director [email protected] (646) 736-3622


Don Lemon, Randy Rainbow, Rupert Everett, John Waters, Janelle Monáe, Samira Wiley and Adam Rippon are Among The 20 Lgbtq Icons Honored in Metrosource’s Annual “People We Love”

Metrosource People We Love Cover Don Lemon

CNN Anchorman Graces the Cover of the Magazine’s December/January Issue and

Reveals the Cost of Speaking Truth to Power in the Trump Era

For 16 years running, Davler Media Group’s Metrosource, the largest circulation LGBTQ publication serving New York City and Los Angeles, and second largest nationally, has ended each year with People We Love.  In the December/January issue, and on  metrosource.com, People We Love honors the people and organizations who display extraordinary acts of service and philanthropy, raise awareness about LGBTQ rights and culture and model excellence in being part of the LGBTQ community.

The cover story subject of 2018’s People We Love is veteran CNN anchor Don Lemon, an openly gay journalist who has demonstrated exceptional courage in President Trump’s ongoing battles with his network and the media at large.   Lemon is in the unique position of being a direct target of both the President’s barbed tweets and, in October as he was being interviewed by the magazine, of  Florida terrorist Cesar Sayoc.

“I have been in this business for 27 years, and I’ve only had credible threats against me for the first in the past couple of years,” laments Lemon in the article. “I have security now – for the first time.  You know the only difference now versus the other 25 years or so… is Donald Trump.”

“I’ve been poor,” he tells Metrosource. ”I have had to deal with abuse. … I’ve had to deal with loss. I’ve had to deal with discrimination and racism. I’ve had to deal with homophobia. But I think that makes me a pretty good person to deliver the news to the American people, because most of the people in my audience have had to deal with those things.”

‘If you’re critical of others, you should expect the same,” says Lemon. “But I do have to say as much discrimination as there is towards gay people – and it’s awful – I have received far more for being a person of color that for being a gay man.”

Metrosource’s interview with Lemon goes beyond politics, delving into his youth in Louisiana, his coping with abuse during these years and his current happiness off-camera with his partner, real estate agent Tim Malone.

The other honorees featured in People We Love 2018 include filmmaker John Waters, musician and actress Janelle Monáe, actress Samira Wiley of Orange is the New Black and The Handmaid’s Tale, veteran British actor Rupert Everett, columnist Michael Musto, comedians Cameron Esposito and Hannah Gadsby and new media figures like YouTube satirist Randy Rainbow and blogger Kenneth Walsh.  Also spotlighted are impactful community leaders and organizations including Leo Preziosi, founder of the student advocacy organization Live Out Loud, LGBTQ legal advocacy organization Lambda Legal, LGBTQ scholarship organization The Point Foundation, and SAGE, an organization providing support to the elder LGBTQ community.

Metrosource’s People We Love also cast a spotlight on Olympian and Dancing with the Stars winner Adam Rippon, President & CEO of NYC & Company Fred Dixon, the entire cast and creative team of the FX series Pose, NYC Promoter Brandon Voss, and Doctor Evan Goldstein.  The final honoree will be determined by the public, which can head to https://metrosource.com/legendaryqueens to cast a vote for their favorite New York City Drag Queen.  The legends nominated include Sherry Vine, Hedda Lettuce, Lypsinka, Shequida, Tina Burner, Lady Bunny and Joey Arias.   All who cast a vote will be entered to win a pair of VIP tickets to the People We Love gala on January 15, 2019.

“Creating our annual ‘People We Love’ list is a true privilege and pleasure,” says Paul Hagen, Editor-In-Chief of Metrosource.  “It’s the time when we recognize the people who are going to exceptional ends to do great things for the LGBTQ community.  It’s not only a salute to high-profile names in entertainment and media, but a spotlight on the many activists whose efforts mean so much to the day-to-day well-being of our community.”

Metrosource is complementing its editorial with a gala event saluting the honorees, January 15, 2019 at 48 Lounge in New York City. The program is being co-sponsored by Red Bull, Go Israel, Health Sherpa and Entertainment Cruises.

“We’re especially excited that this annual tradition will finally come to life as an exciting event, for the first time ever,” continues Hagen.  “We are thrilled to celebrate these honorees along with the many advertisers, agencies and partners who continue to keep Metrosource the leader in cross-platform LGBTQ content.”

The 10-page special section in the December/January issue will be complemented with more in-depth profiles that will roll out weekly on at the magazine’s website, metrosource.com/peoplewelove.

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