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This exclusive, semimonthly newsletter for tourism industry insiders is full of information, including trends, announcements, openings and closings, and special events. It’s a great resource that helps industry professionals stay in the know about what’s happening in NYC right now, so they can better serve tourists.

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Tourism Industry Professionals Facebook Group

This Facebook group is a platform for tourism professionals to share announcements, request information, share personal news, post job openings and exchange ideas.

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Tourism Marketing Forums

Hosted a few times each year, Tourism Marketing Forums give industry professionals a chance to network, participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and delve into topics that are important to the community. Tourism Marketing Forums are by invitation only.

Tourism Marketing Seminar

Davler Media’s Annual Tourism Marketing Seminar held in the beginning of the year brings together leaders from throughout the industry to discuss trends, forecasts and challenges across all sectors, hotels, restaurants, theater, attractions, government and transportation.

City Guide's 2024 Tourism Seminar

2024 Presenters

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2024 Attendees

Watch the presentations from 2024 Annual Tourism Seminar

What is Happening with NYC Hotels 2024

Jan Freitag, National Director Hospitality, Costar Group

Moderator, Vijay Dandapani

International Tourism Outlook

Kelly Curtin, Executive Vice President, New York City Tourism + Conventions

Introduction, Ethan Wolff, Davler Media

NYPD Update on Safely Welcoming Tourists

Chief Jeffrey Maddrey

Introduction, David Miller, Davler Media

NYC Tourists: What They Need Now

Marc Jablonski, Head of Business Intelligence, AKA NYC

What’s Happening with Attractions in NYC

Michael Williams, Managing Director, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Introduction, Vincent Timpone, Davler Media

What’s Happening with Restaurants

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director, NYC Hospitality Alliance

Introduction, Eli Marcus, Davler Media

What’s Happening with Museums

Gretchen Scott, General Manager of Marketing,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Introduction, Linda Pierce, Davler Media

Watch the presentations from 2023 Annual Tourism Seminar


Fred Dixon, President & CEO, NYC & Company

Major NYC Tourism Sectors Panel:

Vijay Dandapani, CEO & President, HANYC
Andrew Rigie, Executive Director, NYC Hospitality Alliance
Bob Hoffman, Vice President of Broadway Inbound, inc.

Moderator, Eli Marcus, Executive Director, City Guide

Government Panel:

Philip Banks III, Deputy Mayor
Shanifah Riera, Acting Chief Customer Officer, MTA
Tom Harris, President, Times Square Alliance

Moderator, Ethan Wolff, Director of Content Management, City Guide

NYC Destinations & Attractions Panel:

Susan Marenoff-Zausner, President, Intrepid Museum
Delfin Ortiz, Managing Director, one World Observatory
Sophie Wright, Executive Director, Fotografiska

Moderator, Vicent Timpone, Executive Director, City Guide

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