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The most effective leading data-driven marketing partner in travel

From a traveler’s very first search about visiting NYC until the day before they return home you can remind them of what you have to offer. Through our partner’s technology we understand buying patterns, are they planners or last-minute deciders, are they museum people or nature lovers, are they deal seekers or want what they want.

We connect you with the highest potential travelers.

Our data mining technology achieves your goal.

Right Message +

Right Format +

Right Traveler +

Right Time

Thanks to our data partners we know where, when, and why people travel.

We build traveler profiles based on those intent signals and what we know about their travel preferences.

How it Works

We partner with 1,000s of travel brands who share their data and we apply an optimal mix of technology data science to curate highly specific audiences by tracking behaviors and activities in real-time and processing data through industry-leading algorithms & machine learning.


We analyze anonymous travelers in real time as they plan their travel.

  • Travel Dates

    When travelers book

  • Search and Booking Activity

    Activity across cruise, flight, hotel, car, OTAs, meta, and brand sites

  • User Origination

    Where travelers are searching and booking from

  • Device of Choice

    Searching on desktop or mobile

  • Real Time Audience Data

    From online transactions

  • Brand Selection

    Loyalty members or not, how travelers chose the brands they do

First Party Data

Example Intent Targeting Tactics – 1st Party Data

City Guide has organized partner data into custom categories to pull in as needed and optimize throughout the campaign. These categories are then “ANDed” together to create more specific audiences.

Performance comes from layering the following 1st party tactics together to create custom audiences:

  • Airport Intent – Destination Orlando or nearby airports such as TPA
  • Activity Intent – Search, Booking Confirmation
  • City or DMA Intent – Destination NYC
  • Class Intent (FC – Flight Class) – First Class, Economy
  • Dates Intended for Travel – Specific travel years, months, or dates
  • Desired Event Type – Hotel, Air, Car, Rail, Vacation, OTA
  • Frequent Traveler – Frequent Traveler for Hotel, Flyer, Cruise, Air, Rail
  • Historical Bookings – Traveled to specific place(s) within the past specified timeframe
  • Loyalty – Members of specific Loyalty programs
  • Number of Travelers – Number in party
  • Origin Intent – Specific geographical origination markets from Domestic Outer US markets (excluding FL & CA)
  • Purpose of Travel – Leisure or Bi-Leisure
  • Travel Duration – Length of stay in market


Our Approach is More than Just Target-It is Profiling.

Based on data analysis, two people who look similar based on their demographics have very different travel profiles. Using travel and lifestyle behaviors our algorithms target the visitors more likely to be interested in your services and only deliver ads to them.

Moving Beyond Demographics & Basic Travel Data

Demographics Travel Behavior Lifestyle Behavior



Experience Seeker

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Married: Yes

Children: 1

Location: Omaha

Job Title: Sales Manager

HHI: $100K

Annual Trip Frequency: 4

Past 3 Leisure Destinations: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Aruba

Past 3 Business Destinations: Dallas, Minneapolis, Milwaukee

Uber or Lyft? Audi Silver Car

Preferred Lodging: Marriott or Boutique

Booking Preference: Direct + multi device

Favorite Brands: Apple, Lululemon, Tumi, Audi

Buys Groceries: @ Whole Foods

Purchases Fashion + Accessories: Monthly

Favorite Leisure Destinations: Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Rome

Favorite Business Destinations: Minneapolis, NYC, and Chicago



Thrifty Planner

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Married: Yes

Children: 1

Location: Omaha

Job Title: Sales Manager

HHI: $100K


Annual Trip Frequency: 2

Past 3 Leisure Destinations: Gulf Shore, St. Louis, Seagrove Beach

Past 3 Business Destinations: Wichita, Chicago, Kansas City

Uber or Lyft? Uber

Preferred Lodging: Airbnb, Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites

Booking Preference: OTA + on mobile


Favorite Brands: REI, Nike Outlet, Eddie Bauer, Target, ‘47 Brand, Jeep

Buys Groceries @ Target, Bakers

Purchases Fashion + Accessories: few times a year

Favorite Leisure Destinations: Grand Canyon, Paris, San Francisco

Favorite Business Destinations: Kansas City, Chicago

*They are completely different. This concept helps us identify key audiences separately.


You can target travelers at any stage in the tourist cycle, planning, after confirmation or upon arrival and select the home markets.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make those decisions if you don’t want to because our algorithms are great at optimizing campaigns and reaching the people mostly likely to buy and respond. In addition to the machines, our staff is regularly monitoring the campaigns and adjusting as needed.

Campaign Strategy and Targeting Examples

Use traveler data to drive results for your strategies.


Target travel intenders searching and researching for their next trip.

Once a traveler has booked their flight and/or hotel we can serve them your ads as they plan out things to do while traveling in your city.

Once a traveler has arrived on the ground in market we can influence them to book an attraction during their trip.



We can target the top feeder markets for people who travel to a specific city combined with our real time travel intent signals and 350 Traveler Profiles.

We can target domestic and/or international markets. No need to assign specific budget to one or the other, our platform will optimize budget to the best performing markets based on performance and real time data.

Advantages of City Guide’s Tourism Digital Platform

City Guide partners with the best. The data, audiences, and targeting capabilities, coupled with the advantage of real-time programmatic advertising and strategically engineered algorithms, is what makes our approach a leading strategic travel marketing platform.

Through collaborative strategic planning between you and our tourism experts we build a campaign that achieves your ROAS (return on advertising spend) or branding goals.


  • Huge data source
  • Custom profile targeting
  • Great technology refined over 15 years
  • Weekly dashboard updates
  • Relationships with ticketing companies – smooth implementation
  • Regular campaign optimizations

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