City Guide’s Digital Marketing Services

Targeted Display, Video and Geofencing-Device ID campaigns are precision targeting tools to connect with your highest potential consumers digitally.

City Guide’s knowledge of the tourism and NYC markets offers you a unique expertise to reach people at a time and with a message that achieves your strategic goals. We make tourists and locals aware of and bring them to destinations.

The strength of our Digital Marketing Services program is customization – each campaign is developed based on the client’s goals/KPIs, our staff’s tourism and activity experience, budgets and ongoing optimization.

These are the opposite of “set it and forget” programs, they improve with time through a combination of AI machine learning techniques and collaborative human analysis to assure that the message is right and the targets are reached.

Our partnership approach produces superior results within your budget.

City Guide’s Digital Marketing Services Advantages

  • Scalpel-like behavioral, demographic and geographic targeting.

    You define who you want to reach and we find them.

  • Highest quality website placements through our partnership with The Trade Desk.

    No fear of your ad appearing on sites you won’t approve.

  • Dynamic 24/7 robust, dashboard reporting for clicks and conversions.

    You are always in the know

  • Regular campaign, optimizations, collaborating with you as we learn together.

    We combine human judgment with machine learning algorithms.

  • Creative services to strengthen your brand.

    We recommend and produce effective ads, using digital strategies to drive consumers to activities.

Targeted Display Campaign

Reaching the right, “targeted” markets to build your brand or drive conversions is the strength of a Targeted Display campaign. You identify the highest potential consumers and reach them across multiple devices, mobile, desktop and tablet.

City Guide’s Digital Marketing Services’ advantage is the optimization strategy of combining sophisticated AI machine learning techniques with tourism and local activity expertise to deliver the right message to the right people on the dependable The Trade Desk (TTD) platform.

Targeting Strategies

  • Frequency Targeting

    You define who you want to reach and we find them.

  • Behavioral Targeting

    No fear of your ad appearing on sites you won’t approve.

  • Content Targeting

    Only interact with a user interested/viewing content relevant to the target consumer.

  • Demographic Targeting

    Target a specific age, income and/or gender when trying to reach your consumers.

  • Research Targeting

    Target a user based on their keyword searches.

  • Day Partnering

    Control when a user is able to see your sales message.

  • Geographic Targeting

    Target a user based on their location, available at zip, city, state, country, radius. Custom geofencing also available.

  • Site Retargeting

    Target a user based on having previously visited your website.

Campaign Development

  • Select targets
  • Creative development (6 ad unit sizes)
  • Pixel placement
  • Campaign tracking on 24/7 Dashboard
  • Bi-weekly optimizations

Video Pre-Roll or Streaming Campaigns

Video brings your story to life. It offers greater engagement, drives more clicks and leaves more lasting impressions. City Guide’s program offers the ability to target through both small and large screen formats.

Pre-roll (small screen)

Delivering video messages to consumers while they are on their phones, tablets and desktops captures their attention and drives them to your desired destination.

The advantages of our pre-roll program is the ability to target the highest potential consumers, both tourists and locals, based on their behavioral, geographic and demographic characteristics.

Pre-roll campaigns have higher engagement and click through rates than traditional targeted display.

Streaming TV (large screen)

Reaching consumers while they are watching TV on Roku, Firesticks, Hulu and many more platforms enables you to engage a captive market.

You have a high level of confidence the viewer will see the ad to completion and you will deliver your message.

The trade-off of this product is you have similar pinpoint targeting as other media, but without a meaningful click-through capability. These campaigns offer strong branding and awareness.

Campaign Development

  • Client produces creative (15 and/or 30 second formats)
  • Selects targets
  • Campaign tracking on 24/7 Dashboard
  • Bi-weekly optimizations

Geofencing-Device ID Campaign

Geofencing-Device ID campaigns offer the opportunity to connect with people based on where they frequent. You can deliver ads to consumers who have visited competitors or complementary services or known destinations of people who meet your demographic or behavioral characteristic. Ads reach people who have been some place before and are traveling through in a defined geography. For instance, a steak house can target people who have eaten at other steakhouses and are on the Upper West Side.


Geofencing-Device ID includes more extensive reporting than traditional display campaigns. In addition to a real time dashboard that reports where impressions are delivered and how they performed this product includes a Foot Traffic Report. The FTR lists the locations/geographies that were the sources for the consumers who visited your place of  business. This presents an opportunity for more refined optimization over time.

Campaign Development

  • Select exact location and geographic targets
  • Creative development (6 ad unit sizes)
  • Pixel placement to measure conversions
  • Campaign tracking on 24/7 Dashboard
  • Monthly Foot Traffic reports
  • Monthly optimizations

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