July 2024: Maps — A One of a Kind Medium

Tourists Love Maps.

We hear that again and again from concierges and tourists. The 2024 Concierge Survey reports that approximately 60% of guests who come to the concierge desk walk away with a map. Let’s explore why.


Why Maps are Still in Demand

  • Physical maps put Manhattan in perspective in a way no other media can. In one single visual vehicle, out-of-towners—both first-time visitors and repeaters—get a sense of neighborhoods, locations of key destinations, distances between venues, and modes of transportation.
  • The legend calls out major attractions as a reminder of things to do.
  • International visitors with just a nominal understanding of English orient themselves and the map becomes their personal guide.
  • Lastly, a map is technology everyone understands, no pinching, swiping or re-centering. Carrying a physical map throughout a visit simplifies a vacation, saving time and reducing confusion.


Why Map Ads Drive Sales

As a marketing medium, City Map provides unique advantages—it is an in-hotel billboard. Maybe it’s not as flashy as those in Times Square, but maps capture greater mindshare.

  • When holding the map, tourists are planning their activities and looking for ideas.
  • Map impressions are much higher value than digital or other outdoor media, they are seen at the time of decision.
  • Because it travels with the visitor, the ad is seen again and again.
  • The ad format also presents an advantage because it is large enough to tell a story.

Maps in hotels present one other distinct benefit: connections to concierges. These influencers see map ads hundreds of times—that is targeted reach and frequency. The tactile aspect of a map, where concierges circle, highlight and notate destinations, essentially personalizes the map for each guest. You get two quality impressions, the concierge and the guest.


As by now you know, City Guide calls 100 hotels every week to check in and verify distribution.


Here are a few concierge quotes about maps:

concierge Quotes Table


There is a reason that City Map has sold out every issue since the pandemic, it is an effective and unique marketing platform. Maps fill a role no other medium can, not outdoor, not digital, not broadcast. Including a map ad to reach tourists complements your other media initiatives. Let us know if you want to be featured on future issues of City Map.


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