April 2024: Happy Spring

City Guide’s mission is Guiding Discoveries. Every year 10,000,000 tourists utilize our magazines, maps and digital media to decide which shows to see, museums to visit, attractions to experience, restaurants to patronize and stores to visit. We educate hotel concierges and front desk staff about you, our clients. This newsletter highlights insights about our many touch points.


Guest Services Survey Results

City Guide views the 1,200 NYC concierges and front office staffs as an extension of our media to educate visitors about our clients. Every year we survey the concierges about their interactions with hotel guests. Here are the highlights:



One notable data point is that only a small percentage of guests seek a discount. They want the experience they seek and are willing to pay full price.


Concierge Communiqué

City Guide introduced a monthly newsletter in January called the Concierge Communiqué to alert concierges to clients’ news and activities in the city. The goal is to provide them with information that can help them offer recommendations to their guests. Here is a link to the April issue. If you want to be featured in future editions contact us two weeks prior to the first of the month.


Broadway Free Ticket Program

Much has been written about the 18 new shows opening this Spring and the challenges producers are having building awareness for their show. City Guide offers all the new shows a free concierge education program, by managing ticket distribution to concierges who are most likely to promote and sell shows.


Guest Tickets Express

Guest Tickets Express is a ticket selling portal that enables concierges to purchase tickets for guests right at their desks. We are building out this platform so that on one site a concierge can sell Broadway, attraction and museum tickets on the spot. This enables them to provide convenient service to their guests.


Concierge Quote


City Guide supports concierges by educating them about what our clients offer their guests. Let us know if we can help you get your message out to concierges for the Spring and Summer.


David, Vincent & Linda-Your partners at City Guide Media

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