May 2024: Tourists Come in Different Flavors

Tourists arrive in NYC with dreams and aspirations – and different itinerary criteria. They have various schedules, budgets, physical limitations and of course interests. When they evaluate the quality of an experience they try to determine their emotional reward — will I be happier, smarter, awed — will this enrich my life.

You can envision all of the travelers in this chart who decide what show, restaurant, activity, or store to choose after they arrive in NYC.  They consider different factors.


As activity marketers, you need to provide the diverse prospective “goers” with sufficient information so they can self-select what is right for them. The most persuasive campaigns convey how the attendee will feel after leaving your venue. The pitfall to avoid is don’t just enumerate product attributes, but weave in why investing their time and money with you will yield an emotional high. Even though tourists come in many different flavors and possess disparate measures for making their decision, the satisfied ones usually will leave your venue with similar reactions. Your marketing message should shape their expectations.


City Guide’s Approach to Content

Effectively communicating with leisure travelers is no easy task. City Guide’s content philosophy, Guiding Discoveries, empowers visitors to choose the experiences that most appeal to them. Visitors making decisions demand specifics. Between our editorial, maps, ads, images and directories our tourist education environment creates an efficient medium for you to deliver your competitive advantages. Our media enables you to describe how you enrich the lives of in-market ticket buyers at the moment they are making an activity decision — we believe in a manner that no other platform does.

Together we can convince millions of visitors that their NYC experiences will achieve their dreams and aspirations— you create them and we describe them.

Wishing you a happy Mother’s Day, Graduation season and Memorial Day.


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