City Guide

Since 1982, City Guide has been the definitive source for things to do in NYC. With comprehensive coverage of events, sightseeing, culture, theater, dining, shopping, and nightlife, City Guide is NYC’s go-to integrated tourism marketing brand. It offers efficient, highly targeted vehicles for reaching tourists and locals when they are deciding where to spend their time and money in NYC.

Since 1982, City Guide has been the definitive source on what to do in NYC with comprehensive coverage of sightseeing, theater, dining, shopping, and nightlife. Each week, we distribute 60,000 copies of the magazine, featuring maps and directories, in 300+ locations. We offer best-of articles and tips via, City Map, and the Everything to Do NYC Facebook group, allowing tourists and locals to get information quickly. offers rich editorial content for both NYC residents and visitors. The site allows visitors to plan their upcoming trips with an easy-to-use event calendar, discounts, and rich editorial content covering sightseeing tours, Broadway and off-Broadway shows, restaurants, museums, shopping, nightlife, transportation, and more.